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Classified Advertisements. 

T-o line dl-play-d advertisements under 
111]* bending, 2ijr. Tut onfl insertion. ^ 'g| ^ 
i?J'"\x°Vi™tniaai? ' Larger 1 wrrdp, ICE. per 


Blending & French, the Bill Posters 

Advertise la the 

CoPP^r ( 

A Freak In Texas! Beliable Bill 

Western Bill Posting Co., Salt Lake 
'■■liy, Ul*h. tllll Poa t em and BUI Writers . 
The Curran Bill Posting and pistrl- 

i^^IJbVver ^Vtieblo. Colorado Hurliigd HUd 
ninmiiiilini: i.iwiin. <;.:n'1 OCMi'i-. lw river 

Hugh Vance. City Bill Poster and 

John A. Latin, City BUI Poster. 

Evansvllle, lnd., li 

The Oshkosh Bill Posting Co., City 

Hill roaUra and Dlalribntera. Kellabta 
sad aoHuite Mtrvlos. t>ii|mliilM»i Jjm-I. 
J. E. WH.UA1IS. Jip-.. IMlfK c wh. Win. 

hatham BlU Posting ASeney^ Bti 

The Summit CHy Bill Posters. 

B..oder*Sil.ttb. F< Wi.ym, lnd. MaimKinK 
Tli. ■.■.■.■pie. BllLPoBlIng^ il i.lMl.uHtiK to 

Harry W. Curtm, City Bill Poster, 

The^ElglnJJIll Posting, Advertising 

Ualt I Itemed ™iet Iji « ' Bjn-m^ Pmp't. 

Blllootuu AUvuitlsli.ij Is ;iJ. 

Washington, lnd. has a population 

OI 1U.UUU Write Ho, tall Brua about pom In* 

CarllnvlUe, Ills., pop. 4,000. 

Keteenoea; Flral National Bhdml. and 

Sioux City, Iciwa, pop. 40 000, 

gatj5lua<^l.ltj^oii your 1L ^ || |jj' ( , '" | '{j 

Pans, Ills. Pop. 7.000. 

I.., I.: II il. H. 111. !■„.„:,. ,-„ 

boaru.' MOtt. of dealrabl* lo^tloua 

I^W rite B "Jf B ^ D 1 d A P°^g g s ^ 


All Binds of Advertising Mat'e 
dtstrlbnted. Bel I a bit. prompt. Bsfsreot 
Fupn.allon fldnrfU. 

J. H. Lane ft Co.. Evansvllle, md. 

Bo« Ulacrl bating. SlTAF iwu Mtreet. 

Distributers, . 

Billboard Advertising 

6 to 12 BEACH STREET,* 




Write for New Catalogue. 
The Donaldson Litho. Co. 


fl P Fairrhilfl C,TY tslLL postlr 

Ui I I I Mil UllllUj 0i , w u t| ,. _j r . i , Mi ,„, 

Distributer and Gul Adiertiser. 

Covington. Hildale. West Covington, Ludlow and c ui-Foundlngs. 

IS East Fifth Street, COVINGTON. KY. 


OLttAH. IV. V. 




W William p. Fay 

The Latest Advertising film in the World 


28JobR$o[) St.,BrookIi(r) 



Bill Posting eo. 


Brooklyn and Long Island. 


VraL^Ll* * *J C ° l «" >mn * ALL 6111 BoanUandA^r- 
■b-4H«t»A b t, „ SpaCe " ln B ""> M W- WIMI-misburgh, 

H rurrt—. Avenue wmt.m.Httin * E " St NcW York - 
* Bedford Av,n U r. Gnerrnoint, L. 1. * City, Jamaica ai 

BOD Pfomment Billboard Fences, 

Classified Advertisements 


The Great Inter- - 

Lrd Advertising 

[. Tex. Limestone County 

Fair Bills and Posters. 

Billboard Advertising, for Fairs. 

Billboard Advertising Is going to 
Newspaper Cuts for Fairs. Write 


TUe Homiest Beyr Friend 

A monthly .Paper published for the ben- 
efit of the Homeless Boys of Cincinnati 
JSC. per year. Address 
184 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati. 


Speelal Attention Given to 



Fur liifonnilloii on b as Mutton 

Cedar Shingles 

HUNTAUU?, A HeHUGU, FalrbiT«D, Wash. 



.mm.. k> CHAS. H. HE3IHB, t** 

BTnb oat-d_ ^dve)-tfs?rig. 

New York Office Notes. 

What Prominent People and Flrme 
Say About It. 

President R. C. Campbell, Chicago. 
Itts.-l am phased to note you have got 
your offices open. 1 caii'l lie quoted too 
strongly in favor or an office in New 
York City, We must have a representa- 
tive there who is in touch with our ioter- 
eats .beyond all others, aud one 

n lbs 

A. Van Am 


of all 


t the 

i & Co., New York ,- 

been In need oJ. The New York Office 
now puts every bill pos'ing csmcern in 
the United Slates in direct touch with 
the advertising public, through its repre- 
sentative here. It is already conceded 

aid it The undertaking has our hearty 


/. Ballard Carroll, Albany N Y.Sec- 
retary —It's a winner. With the united 
■niiuocE of all our member* the best 
service ever praduced is sure to follow. 
It can't fail. 

Reese & Long, Scranton ft'-Wt 
rtnbaping tbem- 

/, H' Stoats, Ijakport, N. Y. — I wish 
you unbounded success. I am satisfied 
it will come your way. and doing so. must 

J. 11. Gray of WtUrmantlc Conn . in 
addition to conducting the bill posting 
business of his city, * 

Logan & Horrall of Washing 


Edward A. Stahlhrodt, whose portrait 


ir first page, was born in 

15. * 

The Curran Bill Posting and Advents 
ing Company are doing distributing this 
month for W. T. Hanson Co., Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. 

and is of German parentage. He re- 
ceived his education in the public schools 
when at age of eleven yean he entered 
the employ of the Evening Express 
Printing Company. Here he worked ten 

and t 

*ith the 

. long there he 

*g. New York Gener- 
al Contracting Agent of lite Association. 
—It's a good thmg and I will help push 
it along. I appreciate the necessity of 
this undertaking and am in accord with 

Newark BUI Posting Co., Newark^ 
N.J.— Wim every member or the Asso* 
ciation at your back il will make bill 
posting the coming fad. This ne- un- 
dertsking completes the success of our 
Association Better service means more 
bill posting. It has our endorsement. 

American Bill Posting Co.. Brooklyn 
N. K— We will Lack the undertaking to 
the end. Without itour Association is 
like a mill run by water power, and no 
water. It will gaiojhe confidence of the 
advertiser; and doing that will fill our 
boards with paper Good service means 
plenty of work. 

Jos. P. O'Mealia, Jersey City, N. /, 
Treasurer— i bespeak for the venture a 
success. Millboard display advertising 
has too long been neglected for uther 
advertising methods, and now .that its 

take charge of the Enterprise office, but 
remained only a short time returning to 
Rochester. In the fall of 18B4 be started 
in business for himselfat 18 Mill 
where he began the manufacture of print 
ers' roller composition. In i8S S headded 
a line of printers' 511 splits, comp osing 
presses, inks, type, etc., and to* following 
year began the manufacture of steam 
flour paste. The same year he also start- 
ed a bill-posing establishment In 1889 
these enterprises were consolidated and 
lonned into a stock corporation, known 
as the Rochester Bill Posting Company, 
of which he is the manager, Becretary 

Last November in pstsiug through 
Erie, Fa., he found the bill boards there 
so bad that he at once opened up an office 
and now has one of the fii-est plants in 
running order, which also inc udes the 
manufacture of paste. 

Upon the reorganization of the old In- 
ternational Bill Posters* Association, of 
North America and the general change 
of policy and name to that of that Asso- 
ciation to the Associated Bill Posters' 
Association of the United Stales and 
Canada, at a meeting held at Chicago, 
111, July is, 1801, Edward A. Stablbrodt 
was unanimously elected as Preside*!. 
In 1892 at Ihe Rochester Convention, and 
again in 1893 at the New York Conven. 
lion, he was re elected to the same office. 
In 1S94 at the Philadelphia Convention, 

ecutive Committee full charge of the 
business matters of the Association, and 
Mr Stahlbrodt was elected its Chairman. 
Owing to the very important turn bill 
board display advertising had taken, it 
was found necessary for the Association 
to hold a Special Convention at Cincin- 
nati, O , January 9th, 1=95, and there de- 

ill posters of the United States and 
Canada. The list of those who bad not 
subscribed was carefully gon 

sent to each of them 
are enabled to count among our sub- 
scribers every bill poster in the territory 
mentioned with the exception of sixteen. 
Of these latter two are not interested in 
behalf of the bill boards. 

subscriptions make the publication of a 
paper at a low price possible, the chap 
who borrow* H copy practically pays for 
* it if he reads the ads. Unfortunately, 
however, the kind ofman who prefers 10 
borrow a copy of a paper is scarcely like- 
ly to increase the valut- of nu ad to any 
eatent, even if he reads it over forty 


t if bill posters will work 
to the advertiser's intcreil by making 
always the best show for him when his 
work comes to the office, and if the char- 
ter of the work is snipe, half-sheets, one- 
sbeeis or three sheets that as soon as 
this paper is out. be should send a list of 

subscribe. Arrunge- 
will probably be perfected throngh 
Mr. E<1. Stahlbrodt or some other kind 
hearted missionary, where by even these 
few will receive the paper regularly before 
our nut issue when we hope to be able 
to state to our subscribers and advertis- 
ers that we reach them all. 


. that 

worked with this paper 

If it is stand work, then the bill poster 
should furnish the advertiser a list and 
the dale when all the stands were posted 
so the advertiser can check his paper up. 
It is nolhing but fair and reasonable that 
the advertiser should check up posting, 
distributing or sign painting as well as 
he would check up bis newspaper ads 
We make it a rule always to furnish Has 
"list of stands regularly every 

The constant repetioo of the name ofa 
proprietary article which ensnes from 
advertising it upon the bill boards 
possesses many virtues. It fixes it firmly 
in the memory of the most obtuse and 
when this is 01 
merits or qual 
with it 

briefly, tersely and tr 

> say j 

posting for.— Curran Deni 

1 that 

The bill boards accomplish in a' single 
day what the newspapers are months in 

Some people do not like t 

gain, a novelty or a good thing of any 
kind you owe il to the public to advertise 

A little slang judicou 
times valuable, but two 
of dignity which is alwi 

ziues: When you nse tbe bill boards 
ihey cannot help themselves, th.y are 
bound to see your poster and see it oien. 

Walker and Co., of Detroit. Mich., have 
a splendid clienteles. This is one of the' 
mo»t e fficient and ably eond ucted services 
in the country, e. W. Walker is a mem- 
ber of the Associated Bill Poster"! Asac- 
ciation, the Michigan Bill Poster's Asso- 
ciation and the Protective League of 
American Showmen. 

Mr. stahlbrodt is a member of Monroe 
Commahdery. No la. Kuights Templar : 
Damascus Temple, Nobles of the mystic 
Shrine; is serving his second term as 
Exalted Ruler of RochesterLodge No. aj, 
B. r O. Elks, and was appointed chair- 
man of the Grievance Committee at the 
Convention He has served 



U7 N. Fifth Street, Cor. Cherry, 


Brush Mana$j&tor*rs 


Billboar d qdvgrtterris^ 

The County Fair. 

It Is The Great, Universal. Popular 




James H. Hennegan, Manager, 


lay.; but bow we take in a ; 'f 1006' a day 
nd still nope to do better. ;** 
"Ai to our threat of withdraw ing front 
be circuit, it is of no great importance, 
or all the object a circuit has in view is 
o prevent a conflict of dates, so that the 
hi bi tors may attend several fairi 

T. Turpiu of the Hamilton County Ohio wi,n _ lhe ir ffooda. It gi< 


Fair. "There are not that many peoph 
in Ohio, but thousands come from Other 
States and many go several times which 
makes up the grand total,. Every 
ty in Ohio has a fall 
makes eighty -eight 
some of the counties have two as for in- 
stance, Clermont, tben there is the 

be] ong to a circu it . There 
is one unfair thing, though A woman, 
for instance, will make up a lot of Taney 
jellies and snch stuff and carry it around 
* - fair to fair, taking premiums every- 

it'«if or 


the genuine producers of the stuff but it 
hardly looks right to let them thus take 
the prizes. Why, there are actually 

farmers who raise fancy stock for no 

there'arVscoreVof these. We have" wo ° tn " purpose than to exhibit it at fairs. 

j-, h n , IWi •mniliM In all 

, this eonnty tin put up i 
equal to the county fair -in fact superior 
to it in many ways. Country folks b o to 
the fair to meet friends and citv folks go to 
get a refreshing brnsh with theircountry 
cousins and thefreshair. Whilel admit 
you might see more wonderful things 

They will not sell a 
keep the same animals from year to year 
t-> coin money with at the fairs. They 
start in early in the season and work a 
circuit; getting often thousands of dol- 

eity gen 

e, ther 


amusing as a county fair. It is a combin- 
ation of everything. There yon see fine 
horses fatpigs, sleek cattle, glossy sheep 

Pa- a Ills , also managis Haywards Opera 

o refer to the 
lo-called new poster in these columns 
.□ previous issues, dismissing it each time 
Kith but little attention as in oar estima- 
te and wholly 
devoid of real merit, it seemed to be, but 
a fad of the hour and as such destined to 
bnt short life. ■ Now that this style how- 
> great a degree of 
popularity and extended to other branch* 
es of graphic and decorative art, it de- 
serves more than passing notice. 

It is supposed to have been origin- 
ated by Anbrey fiiardsley in England, 
influenced in part by the pro- 
of Jules Cheret, whose wonder- 
incogiaphy have long 

i greatly at 
both ofthe artist 

ly influenced by Jap 

it may, the style was 


No. 11 West Eighth Street, 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 

It cannot be denied that its effect so 
far has been decidedly beneficial The 
collectors it has created, the exhibitions 
to which it has given rise, and the news- 
paper and magazine controversy and 
comment which it has excited, have di- 
rected public attention to the advertising 

such as they have 

But now the time is at hand when 
further encroachment upon the dom 
of legitimate art should be promptly i 
effectually terminated It is 
original, no longer effective, 
g but utterly 

For the roost part it was promp 
jected by real artists, but a few ci 
with an o'er-weening fpndni 
the weird and fantastic took it up 

of collections 
ceeded in forcing it into 

favor which : 
ikg adopted to a very 

Its chief exponents in the United 
States are Edward Penfield of New York 
and Will. Bradley of Chicago, who have 

ky and £ycle; you see big 
1 the choicest of fruits and 
d grains, and the modern 
machinery which has made farming en 
occupation for the aristocrat; you see 
it unless Speedily checked It bids fair the delicacies baked by the farmers' 
wives and thepretty fancy work madeby 
their daughters; you see the blushing 
girls, with their gawky beans, and the 
grangers and grangeresses. The side 
show with the Circassian beauty and the 
sea monster and the and tight- 
rope walker and ice' cream and sword 
swallower and educated: pig and shell 
worker-all are there in their glory, and 
the man with whips to sell and the card 
writer and the city band, and, in fact, the 
whole world is there to aee it The 
connty fair is as immortal as Pnncb and 

'It is curious to see the management 
of the faira pass back and forth from the 
hands of farmers to city men and back 
again—a continual fight I have been a 
director of the Carthage fair for about 
fifteen years io all. I went in first in 
1870. There bad been no fair the year 
its purpose before and the society was badly demor- 
shall be glad aliied. The county owned the grounds 
to the coun- and every building was attached by tbt 

:r at Aubum N. Y. thinks B 
1 spicey little sheet ifaat hi 
needed by bill posters. 

manager of the Planet Show Print Co. 

Sauford H. Robinson manager of the 
American Bill Posting Company of Phila- 
delphia, writes that Elder, Jenks St "Ra- 
borg are the best paste brush makers in 

g as it does from a 

of Mr. kobinson's standing and experi- 

Chas. H. Day, than whom there is no 
jrigbter or versatile member of the show- 
nan s world is conducting the singularly 

tfork'riramBtic News. 

sheriff. For several years we had to 10 ht . 
fighttokeepthemoneywetookin, The tioual attractions. He 
treasurer had to stand by the gate and in care of 509 Olive Sin 

heightened its 

inviting ai 
ires, nntil they have succeeded 
cing results far more hideous 
disturbing Hi- n anything their 
intique confreres ever dreamed 

This craae which at Erst promised 
■me slight good by reason of its return 
o simple, expedient and primitive trest- 

The advent of March reminds us of the 

near approach of spring, the season 
which invariably brings with it a general 
opening np of business and an era of 
prosperity. The boards will soon be 
aflame with the circus bills^wbich togeth- 
er with the largely increased commercial 
patronage, which has recently been di 

1 fast as taken 
1 order to save it. I remember one 
year they pressed na so close the trees- 
urer would take the cash, band it to one 

lonld pass it along the 
man would hide it and 
so confused they could 
levy for it. One night 

of 509 Olive Street, St Lo uis, Mo. 

E.L Webster, city bill poster, at Sioux 
City.Jowa, is a member ot A. B> P. A. and 
manager Of Peavy Grand Opera House 

the sheriffs 1 

erted to them, will bring joy to the tB ey nearly captured the money box, 

hearts of bill posters everywhere. Let but it was juggled aronnd and finally 

ns hope that the vision of bright promise came to me and I jumped into my buggy 

which is now breaking through >he with it and drove on a gallop to the 

gloom and darkness of financial disaster, county infirmary and hid it. We bad a 

commercial uncertainty and national hard time,but finally accumulated enough 

stagnation will prove to be the long cash to buy up all claims againat us at 

looked for sun which will speedily diasi- fifty cents on a dollar, 

pate tbe fogs of apprehension doubt and '^In those days we thought we were do- 
ing well if we took in f8oo for tbe ioni 

J. E. Montrose, who owns tbe boards 
it Rock Island, Ills., ■■ one of the more 
-nterpriiing members of tbe craft, 

jf ifbogd ^gdvef tTsin g^ 



1 for 

viewed ir. their proper perspective, one of 
il,e most noticeable features will be the 
immense importance given to the art of 
mh'ertlsing. No century lias seen such 

.e to grow as quickly in the future as 
as in recent year* is a question only 
nerable by posterity. Were thecom- 

al ready studied his productions, may not 
be amiss. Cberet's aim is always to pro- 
duce a poster at once striking and har- 
monious, and in brilliant colors ; and he 
therefore discards black and white, all 
secondary or tertiary colors, like purples 
browns and similar tones preferring the 
pure primaries,— red, blue and yellow. 
That his success with these isas greatas 
his daring in the use of them is well' 
known. The lettering of the poster is 
invariably designed by himself, in order 
to preserve tbe balance of the whole 
i the only i 

pant, and often are to-day, one would 
earnestly hope that posterity would an- 
swer us with a "No." But fortunately, 
these old. mediocre, and unoriginal ideas 
are gradually becoming out of date ; and 
the enterprising business man sees that 
art, either pictorial or literary, and often 

aphy i- 

of r 

all its neighbors. 

Dudley Hardy, an English illustrator, 
admittedly drew bis chief inspiration in 
poster work from tbe pioneer, Cheret, but 
he works out his own ideas in a personal 
way. "Simplicity,'' he says, in a short 
article iu an English magaiine, "will be 
found the secret ot success. For exam- 
ple, single fiigures are more effective 
than a group. . . . Neither do 1 believe 
in the necessity for a background." Red 
is Hardy's most effective color, and be 
also considers yellow admirably adapted 

meats of his v-res, if he would attract 
and please the public. 

Dot of the most quickly noticed of the 
every day sights of the city of London is 
tbe extraordinary amount of enterprise 
in advertising It would seem as though 

gigantic poster, the night transparency, 
or the tin and board announcements, of 
a size convenient for the bus or tram. A 
ride along the principal thoroughfares 
a steady panorama of pill and 

of cocoas, '. beef- teas, soaps, books and 
stationary, theatres, and other kinds of 
business innumerable. The stranger is 
naturally confused in finding the right 
omnibus, when advertising placards on 
tbe outside occupy larger and more con- 
spicuous places than the name androute 
ol the vehicle. With ihe traveler on the 
underground it is even worse, since the 

in of soap and baking 

The question whether there is not a 
remedy for this tedious monotony recurs 
constantly to the observer. Yourcorres- 

to shew itself having taken its inspira- 
tion from the example of another cily, 
smaller in siie, but greater in art —Paris. 

As conspicuous for its advertising iu a 
way as London, Paris goes about the mat- 
ter in quite a different method and spirit. 
Seldom it ia that one's (esthetic sense is 
offended. The Parisian bus ia quite free 
Irom the shrieking placards of the Eng- 
lish capital, while street advertising is 
limited to. the circular or octagonal 
shaped "kiosques" ( beautiful spots of 

ilur 10 Paris, and the frequency of its 
presence shows with what care this city 
guards againstrtfH wiMJ i BUl l j. - 

United States bu, it is in Paris almost 
solely thai one sees his work in its proper 
setting It is he who instituted the de- 
parture in the art of poster designing, 
and practically launched the school ol 
new ideas. To-day bia followers are 
many. His ideas, to those who have not 

duction, Cheret painting the 
the stone with bis own hands,— a difficult 
and delicate process, requiring more skill 
than the making of the firsVdesign. 

Cheret has almost invariably a targe, 
central, dashing figure, usual ly^a woman 
in a striking gown, and in the, back- 

The entire 
thoughe, however, centres on this stain 
figure, whi:h explains the advartisemeri^ 
It would be useless t" 

who has produced so much. Hi*. ajfi(h?s 
mount into the hundreds. 

Tbe laurels, however, in the line of 
poster work do not rest alone with this 
perhaps best known man. There is an 
other artist, rival of Cheret, who produc- 
es posters which are most eagerly sought 
by the lovers and collectors of the origin- 
al. This is Eugene Gra 

With Cheret, Dudley Hardy hold: 

The ability of such bills as this and 
others of its kind to catch the eye at a 
great distance and hold it to closer ex- 
amination is the secret of their success. 
That America has produced some credit- 
able posters must be admitted, but that 
there is still a wide field there vet un- 
worked. is true The improvements of 
the future must be along the lines of 
greater simplicity, fewer and richer col- 
ors, the use of less black in the pictures, 
and a wider knowledgeof design. That 
there- has been almost no demand for the 
sort of work such as Paris has been turn- 
ing out for a number of years in one 

lend a needed charm to one of the features 
imely, our bill- 

tue doctrine of having-tne lettering done 

He is much snperior to Cheret in the 
style and shape of his letters. The post- 
er designs of the "The Yellow Girl,' 1 
"The Gaiety Girl," in red, "St Paul's," 
and ' To-day" are conspicn 

A Wont to Circus BUI Posters. 

o the public the latest ni 

given herewith of the every man in the advance brigade Now 


known, perhaps, as Cheret, his posters 
have in them that knowledge of design 
and decorative color which places his 
work, in the estimation of many, on a 
higher level than that of his confrere. 

With the great public, who give ajjickes 
bnt a passing glance, the work of Grssset 

lir, though by no means 
lampleofthe style of this mi 
r of siec/e artists. His doctrine 
advertising is ai absolute neces- 
sity of modern life— is indeed a true one, 
and his theory— that ' if it can be made 
beautiful as well as obvious, so much the 
beiter for the makers of soap and the 
public likely to wash"— is likewise good. 
Aubrey Beardsley has produced more in 
the line of book illustration than in post- 
er work ; and this, in fact, may be said of 
many of the most sncce-siu] workers in 
thislatter field His productions have 

is no idle admonition, for the man who is 
industrious and steady is bound to obtain 
a better position next season. To day 
there is hardly an agent of any promi- 

st flaming 


generally deeper ideas, render his work 

has been at his best in such posters as 
that of Sarah Bernhardt in "Joan of Arc;" 
that of the ' Fetes de Paris,' : ol the "Li- 
brairie Romantique," Chocolat Mexi- 
caine," and others. His designs for va- 
rious holiday covers for Harper's Bazar 
and Weekly may recall his style to some, 
otherwise unfamiliar with it. 

this field, of whom one might name 
GuMaunie. Steinlin, and Willette 

What has been the effect ui all this on 
the vulgarity of British advertising? 
What will it be on America, working 
through the many students and con- 

these things? 

be found 

decried by the American critics for one 
tn dwell farther upou it here The ac- 
compa ling illustration is to x 30 inches, 
the colors being dull red in the dress, 
dark orange-yellow in the hair, and bright 
green for the leaves of the tree. Beards- 
ley can be seen again on the cover of the 

the men engaged in it - 
ought to feel prondof it. Thewriter ol 
this article is no preacher, but he has 
been in all stages of life, in amusement 
circles and he knows whereof he speaks, 
so boys when the call is sounded in a 
few weeks, start prepared to do your 
level best and your reward will surely 
come. Let's all puH together for a good 

is a future for every one of yon, if yon 
but try and keep a trying all season; yon 
wi.I be the winner if you but persevere 




the field hold that the design need not 
necessarily have any distinct relations to 
the article of merchandise whose virtues 
it is supposed to publish The main ob- 
ject is to catch the eye by a beautiful spot 
Of color or an agreeable arrangement of 
form The legend on the poster furnish- 
es oftentimes sufficient mercantile in'or- 

■right red figure moving along a street 
t a short distance away, visible through 
: trees The eye could not escape 

with a feeliugof pleasure that one 
amid a desert of most ordinary 
posters, such an original one, for instance 
a. that of Dudley Hardy announcing ihe 
St. Paul's ilfag,i;ine, It is a simple al- 
most archaic, figure ot a woman hold ; ng 
a lily, while a decorative line of smoke 
cnrlsbehindher. Thewords 'St Paul's" 
in red, old English type at the top. form 
the only letteriugon the sheet, while the 

when it was seen to be a poster of Jules 
Cberet's displayed on one of the street 
aiiver.isiug carts, pushed by men. Tbe 

ficially frozen ice may be indulged in at 
any time; and it showed a dashing skat- 
ing figure in a brilliant red cloak. The 
background of ice and atmosphere was 
was rendered in one or two simple tones 
of blue, which threw out the ikatinggirl 
with wonderful effect. 

Neier use cuts to illustrate your wares 
unless the cut reflects credit upon them. 

I n prepar ng copy remember it's the way 
you say it, that counts' You may say a 
thing a thousand limes without deriving 
any great benefit therefrom, unless there 
is a convincing ring to your statement. 

Mauberret's Printing House of New 
Orleans, the largest of the show printers 
of the South has recently been merged 
into a Limited Company with Victor 

News ^^20^0^ Fairs. 



The Worcester East Agricultural Sod 

ety at L 

Highland Agricultural Society at Mid 
[UeGeld, Mass., September 4 and 5. 

Spencer Agricultural Society at Spen- 
cer, Mass. September 19 and 20 

Tbe Housatonic Agricultural Society 

Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 1 to Not 30. 

Avon District Agricultural Society, 
Avon, His, Sept 17 to ao. 

The Worcester North Agricnltuial So- 
ciety at Fitchburg, Mass., September 

The Winchester, Ohio, Fair Board has 
again reconsidered its dates and now has 
fij.ed on Sept. 18 to 20. 

A new County Fair Association was 
organized at Greensburg, His., a short 
time ago. 

The Colut jus Fair Association has 
been organized at Giecnsburg, Ind. 

Flora, Ind is earnestly engaged in 
perfecting a fair organization 

GreensDotg, Pa, has organized a new 


The Donaldson litho Co.. O'neinntfi, 0, 

Beautiful, Attractive, tip-to-date. 

host of friends. 

The Rochester Bill Posting Co., 

ED. A. STAMLBRODT, Manager. 

Bill Posters, Distributers and General Advertisers. 

No. ,6 and >S Mill Street. ROCHESTER. N. V. 


ED. A. STAHLBRODT. Manager. 

Bill Posters, Distributers and General Advertisers, 

No. io North Park Row. BRIE, PA. 

Among the Agents. 

There was a remarkable art exhibition 
Geo Cuumiings is hard at work look- at the Union League Club recently. .'It is 
ing after the hilling of Palmer'* Theater, rtMy a doable- exhibi lion, and should be 
New York. It is whispered that George considered as such, otherwise the iucon- 

has landed a good si 


Joe Hild, of the Bijou in Brooklji 

u Manager Harry Kennedy, speak; 
the highest terms of his able HeoH 

gruous juxtaposition of portraits by early 
American painters and posters by the 
most advanced exponents of the new 

n of Japanese themes and methods, 
its origin in Prance Er gland look 

Publishers' Corner. 

The success attendant upon our special 
offer to bill posters has been so pro- 
nounced, that we have decided to reduce 

le billboards 
demonstrates their value, and creates 
to this form of adveriis- 

Charlie Zimmerman, the hard working 
advertising agent of the Ejipire 1 heater 
Indianapolis la making a Wrong bit for 

Charlie Welch still manages to keep 
away to the front at Hoyl's Theatte, 
New York He is one of the few modest 
men in the business that positively re- 
fuses to allow his features to be por- 
trayed in print. He presides over the 
door of that coiy house, and woe to the 

daintiest expression in the French, 
sketches. -Eccentricity rnpplants imag • 
ination in the work ui the Englishman, 
The Americans, as usual in art. take their 
cue from the Frenchman. The exhibi- 
tion comprises sketches by Cherel, dash- 
ing and spirited; bySteinlen, clever, re- 

SpegfaT OFFgr* 



We will send jsn the 

Donaldson Guide 

Year's Subscription to 

Billboard AdYertisii]g. 

The Donaldson Guide contains the 
only accurate and complete list of 

is of this 1 

1 Show Prii 

■ of 

ever been pub- 
lished. It also contains the complete 
possess advantages of peculiar value to_ code ol the Donaldson Cipher, by the 
bill posters, poster printers, aud general use of which great saving in the mat- 
advertisers In the first place, every one ter of telegraph tolls may be had. The 
of its subscribers are in' nested in adver- regular price of the Donaldson Guide 
rising in some manner, and many are alone is $j oo, hence, we afford you 
directly interested in postet advertisi — »** *- : — " - 

as carefully filed away for future refer- 
and by Rhead, effective in lines and en „ Thirdly, the widely varvi'ng cbar- 
curves. Tbe bill boards are beginning actrI „ r il5 subscriber,. places upon B 
to show the adaption of lhe:e striking psr wltQ any publication catering only 
designs in their proper tunclions of ad- to M called 'general reaedrs." For these 
" ca £ o Iribnnc. 

Sam M. Dawson, of Heurk's Opera 
Hoose, Cincinnati, has been engaged as 
speciHl agent for h. W. Washburn's Big 
Allied Shows, and will . 
work about May ist. Sat 
propose to loaf in sunrai 

Now la the time to Subscribe. 



mind that Billboard Advertising i: 

bountiful portion . of fots, a cir- 
nce by the way which seemingly 
Jan's in St. Louis, affords him but small concern as he con 
lo lag, and e wry tinues to pursue his chosen avocation 
paying but scant heed or attention lo his 

is to better bis sbowii 



id brilliai 

This Journal Free — Preaent subscrib- 
ers to this journal may obtain their own 
copy fur another year free by doing a 
little work among their friends If you 

viable station of influence anil popularity eal 
which it wielded and enjoyed in the days ' ^ 
before fiuancial disaster first overtook it: 

Kerry Meagher, of the Haymarket 

telling licks for his house, and all the 
agenta uy he is trie of the best men in 

Death of J. Harry Crowell. 

After an illnets of tin days J. Harry "P 1 

Crowell, advertising agent of the Colum P M 

bia Theatre, died February 4 th JS95, in 6cr " 

e Hotel St GeorEe. end 

era are stricken rrom the list at tfc 
of the term paid for. Renewal 
•nX in promptly s 
it be missed or r. 

ODce Id Donaldson LIU10. Bldg., Cincinnati, 0. 





The catalogue ol Hie reelBter will be 
nubiisnet, m lb. next 3Kn of ilia 
IJ..BAI.D.OS "Ulna and contain 

R M. 

newspaper space in point of 
ing value, as many papers affect to believe 
why is it " 

Far Twelve Three Months' 
Subscriptions to 

.223 r.srj."'.ro,'w.r" Billboard AdiertisiiK 

it to your newsdealer, as you prefer. l t> 

Billboard 3dvgrt'S"l3- 









The great success of the- 


Has lead txs to get up another, which is even 
better. It Is the 


Poster, being a one-sheet, with figures on either 
side, reading in centre, can also be used as TWO 


Write for circular and sarnple, 


Poster and Commercial Printers, 


, - Sr-gater, Gr-aryd»»r- Thai Ev?f. 



Copper bound and steel riveted. Manufactured 
expressly for the Donaldson Lithographing Co., and 
guaranteed the rr\ost durable brush on the rrjarKet. 

lOlneii Priee, each, $8.75 I 10 Inch Price pop dozen. »40.00 




Population 75.000 

Finest Bill Posting Plant 
in the South=West. 

More Boards and the Best Located o. any City in the Country. 
We know the value ol advertising and always strive lor results. 
In making up your list, don't lorget Evansville. 





fgsm poster, 
|S«CPtti»l«» «* Mf, 
Copper Half-Tone Engraving., 

2X8- 12.50. 

2#XSK *2.76. 

8X4 -08 00. 

Sead Good Photo with Honey Order, 




Ideal HdvertLsinq Package 


Printed in bright Red Ink on White Paper. Makes agreat Display Card. 

The Ideal Advertising Package is designed especially for retail merchants 
for making "Special Sale". "Bargains" and all kinds of Announcements, in 
their show windows in a cheap and effective manner. One package will 
make from 20 to as signs. Any boy can make them. Send 50c. for a trial. 

pbt vp a y - 

HEUNEQAN & CO., Cincinnati, 0. 


Ciuciooati -fliDasenjent- fl4wi|, 

* The Queen City at last boasts of a solid and per- 
manent exchange, and a reliable dramatic, musical 
and variety agency. 
Books Artists .in* All Lines. 
.□Furnishes Talent for all Classes of Entertainment- 
Vl 1,1 w Represents the Leading American Dramatists. 

and Parts Tvpe Written to Order. 

Supplied wit. 

WM. R. O'MALLET, Mgr.. Donald son Lltho. Co. Hlrlg. Cincinnati. 


Leander Richardsons Dramalic News